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Theory of Astrology

As Professor Steven Hawking noted, a theory is a good theory if it accurately describes a large class of observations on the basis of a model that contains only a few arbitrary elements and it must make definite predictions about future observations.

A scientific theory starts life as a hypothesis to explain an observation. This hypothesis must then be tested to see if the observation has been correctly understood. This test must then be reviewed and artifacts (or alternate explanations) identified and accounted for. A further test is then required which includes a well-designed control group and any further potential artifacts explained. Then a repeat of this test must produce similar results to the first.

Here is a theory of astrology arrived at after twenty-two years of experimentation into progressed synastry:

Consciousness is separate or different to and does not necessarily emanate directly from physical matter; astrology is the science that enables us to describe and measure events in consciousness and horoscopes for people begin at the moment of birth but they do not end then, they continue for up to four months and change at the rate of a day for a year.   

From this model, we can make predictions about future data populations using the experimental pre-requisites arrived at via research into progressed synastry. 

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