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Some Classic Collisions

Harry and Meghan's progressed Sun progressed Venus conjunction mirrors that of Edward and Wallis

The role of progressed Sun-Venus squares is like that of Romeo and Juliet - star crossed. In this case Group Captain Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret are drawn together and at the same time kept apart by a Sun-Venus square and as it waned so did their relationship 

The Venus-Mars square on the other hand is like a hand grenade thrown into a relationship as can be seen in the relationships of Margaret and Lord Snowdon and Prince Charles and Diana.

In Charles and Camilla's case, the Sun-Venus square happened before the trine and they were kept apart Romeo-Juliet-like

A similar Sun-Venus square between Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence while their relationship was a secret followed by the trine that never perfected during their lives.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills with their Venus-Mars trine and square. The square enabled the first progressed synastry prediction in print (TMA Oct Nov 2003).

Another famous couple, Burton and Taylor with their Venus-Mars opposition followed by the square

Russell Brand and Katy Perry, two sweet trines followed by the harsh square

A cluster of aspects heralded the relationship of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins when they met on the set of Bull Durham in 1987

One of the first two astrological artifacts to be revealed by following the scientific method. This collision chart shows the swoop of a progressed Sun progressed Venus trine in the relationship of Paula Yates and Bob Geldof. They met in 1977, married in 1986, and separated in 1995 after Yates' affair with Michael Hutchence became public.

Years later after research into Venus-Mars squares revealed their presence at the end of the relationships, the picture was modified to show one developing in their relationship. This pattern is typical of the 'hand grenade thrown through time' wrecking the relationship.

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