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Unique Study Links Venus to Romantic Choices People Make

An article from 2011 on the Astrology News Service about the progressed Venus synastry of William and Kate.

This is one of the all-time most viewed articles on the Astrology News Service site.

Replicated Study Enhances Astrological Claims

An article from 2021 on the Astrology News Service detailing the findings of the peer review of my 2005 and 2019 studies into progressed synastry

Venus Smiles on Another Royal Couple

The progressed synastry of Meghan and Harry and how it was almost identical to that of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Edward and Mrs Simpson)

Astrology in the 22nd Century

An article from 2018 about the first edition of my book A 22nd Century Science describing how the late Rudolph Smit accepted then rejected astrology for reasons that my study suggests was erroneous. Smit was one of the reviewers of my 2005 study

Successful Astrology Study Replicated

An article from 2019 when the results of the repeat experiment were announced

What the Astrologically Curious Should Know About P-Values

An article by Robert Currey which describes my encounter with professional skeptics who hacked my data to remove the effect... and failed.

How Sceptics Distort the Truth about Astrology

A YouTube interview that includes a description of my experiences with professional skeptics as told by Robert Currey. My story starts at 17 min 14  but watch the rest

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