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Astrology is not what you think it is

Just as physics is the subject we use to measure and describe events in nature, astrology is the subject that allows us to measure and describe events in consciousness. After you have looked at the facts and figures on this site you will most likely understand why this is the best contemporary description of astrology.

This means that if you are working with consciousness in another sphere, say Mediumship, LBL, ESP, UAP, CE5, psychology, neurology, this site should be of interest to you. If you are an astrologer, it will provide you with an enhanced view of your subject. If you are skeptical of astrology, then you will be challenged to refresh your arguments or your position.

Most people arrive at astrology through sun sign astrology. They then graduate to horoscopic astrology. Many books have been written on this subject, but very few (close to 0%) are based on scientific research. This means that the vast majority of people who do astrology, either believe falsely that the authors of astrology books rigorously check their facts - or - they do not believe that research and review are necessary.

One of the serious flaws in sun sign and horoscopic astrology is the assumption that the natal chart is a fixed and unchanging entity. We have now demonstrated how to make scientific predictions using astrological data and in the process of doing so, we were forced to accept that horoscopes change, as soon as we were able to do this, the idea that research and review are not relevant to astrology was falsified.

Horoscopes are not fixed entities and any experimentation that assumed this is flawed and should be done again with the new perspectives provided by progressed synastry.

People change, and it turns out that horoscopes change too. As soon as we added this dimension to our experiments, research into astrology started to return surprising scientific results to the extent that the world's first scientific theory of astrology could be defined. 

This site describes and explains the work of Paul Westran who spent twenty-two years and two million dollars showing how astrology actually works.

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