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positiveastrology synastry database

Follow the link below to access the synastry database and produce progressed and natal synastry reports

Step 1 - Register as a member for free

Step 2 - Sign in as a current member

Step 3 - Order data entries to create your personal synastry database*

Step 4 - Produce synastry reports, matrices and collision graphs

Step 5 - Add more people to your database at any time

• Obtain detailed synastry reports incorporating progressed aspects for the date of the relationship
• Analyze changes in relationships through time using progressed synastry
• Analyze current and previous relationships for critical progressed synastry aspects
• Analyze potential future relationships for primary relationship indicators
• Astrologers: add clients to your database and add progressed synastry reports to your client services at low cost

Learn about collision graphs and other features of the synastry database by clicking here

Click here to view a sample report, matrix and graph

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*Costs are initially 9.99 US dollars for data for two individuals (and subsequently 5.99 US dollars for one additional person's data or 9.99 US dollars for two additional person's data).