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Dummy pages


This is a temporary page to show display some amendment ideas:

In order to corporatise the reports and login/sign in pages I've put some dummy pages together here:

This is the thank you for registering page: processnewtest

This is the duplicate username message page: processnewtest2

This is the username not found page: reenter

This is the page which comes up when people try to view records without having entered any: viewrecords

This is the thanks for submitting data page: thanksdata

This is a error message page for choice of cities with the same name: citychoice

This is the welcome page with a bit of hand-holding/tip for new users: teststeppage

This is the purchase page with two names first and one name second and an added tip purchasetest

This is a page which comes up with the title index.php indextest

A tip added to one of the data entry screens: entry2test

When adding a second person, some people who have tested it have become confused by the email address field, so I've added the word Your to the Email Address title. I've also added a tip to this page and removed the words "select your" from the gender entry: addperson2

This is the personal database page and there are a few changes and tips on this one to bring into line with the rest of the site: viewrecords2test

This is the report page. I've only changed a couple of font colors, removed the title from a table cell and changed the table width. reporttest

This is the start date change error message: startdatechange

This is the access error message: accessdata

This is a (poor) mock up with compatible colors for the sign-in page: signin

This is the synastry matrices page: matricespage