When Stars Collide: Why We Love Who We Love and When We Love Them

Paul Westran

O Books 2006 ISBN 1905047746

Relationship astrology is more than just sun signs, and when it comes to finding out how much more, this profound book is the best place to start to find out. The author takes you on a journey through historical and contemporary relationships and equips you with the tools to understand relationships and astrology as a process. He shows that planetary patterns which are hidden beneath the veil of astrological techniques, repeat over and over again in human relationships and in doing so, we can see how dynamic archetypal astrology can be used to provide evidence for, among other things, the holographic nature of the universe.

Featured in When Stars Collide are the relationships of Grace Kelly, George Sand, Brad Pitt, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Graves, Aleister Crowley, The Beatles, Paula Yates, Tina Turner, David Niven and Frank Sinatra, to name but a few.

When Stars Collide is a hugely ambitious and unique book. It is the first book to attempt to demonstrate dynamic astrology and in order to do this the author has introduced new methods of charting astrological changes, the end result is a true demonstration of astrology.


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