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Sceptical Relationships

Bertrand Russell 

Some sceptics have criticised astrology and astrologers. Their own relationships, however, are not devoid of the astrological patterns we would expect from progressed and natal Venus synastry.

Ottoline Morrell

A mixture of attracting aspects which includes a natal Venus conjunction in Taurus. Venus is a notoriously reticent planet and Taurus a notoriously reticent sign. When we find a natal Venus conjunction in Taurus in a relationship, we are unlikely to find it in isolation. Here a progressed Mars natal Venus opposition is coupled with a progressed Venus natal Mars trine.


Vivienne Eliot

Vivienne Haigh-Wood had just married T.S. Eliot when her affair with Russell was supposed to have taken place. Their progressed Venus (C6) progressed Mars (D7) conjunction stands in interesting contrast to the same two planets in her relationship with Eliot which are in opposition.


Constance Malleson

A progressed Mars natal Venus opposition.


Dora Black

Natal Venus progressed Mars trine


Edith Finch

Russell's fourth wife. A natal Sun natal Venus opposition accompanied by a progressed Venus natal Mars conjunction and a natal Venus progressed Mars trine, both notable ice-breakers in many relationships.

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