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Brad Pitt

Brad with Juliette Lewis

Brad Pitt, like Tom Cruise, has tended towards relationships where the salient synastric connection is the Sun venus trine. His relationship with Juliette Lewis happened between 1989 and 1992. The applying or developing portion of this progressed Venus natal Sun trine.

Brad with Gwyneth Paltrow

Although quite wide at about four degrees, the natal Sun Venus trine is still relevant at this distance.


Brad with Jennifer Aniston

Again a progressed Venus natal Sun trine. This one is artificially extended from about five years to twenty eight years because of the retrograde-stationary-direct motion of Venus a month after Jennifer's birth.

Brad with Angelina Jolie

He's done it again.

Angelina and Jonny Lee Miller

So has she - well almost.

Jennifer and Vince Vaughan

Jen and Vince are connected by a close natal Sun Venus conjunction. Significant and popular.


Juliette and Steve Berra

Two short lived synastry aspects happened at about the same time for Juliette Lewis and Steve Berra. They married in 1999 and separated in 2003.

Gwyneth and Ben Affleck

Gwyneth and Ben were an item in the late 1990s. Time is not so relevant in this relationship. The natal Sun Venus trine is much more popular in relationships than the stats would expect. Astrology on the other hand has been talking about this connection for years.

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