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Research and development are not concepts widely associated with astrology, but we hope that this will eventually change. Some research has been done in astrology and organisations like ISAR exist in order to promote a wide ranging gamut of research and ideas from all areas of astrology, some of which are conceptually difficult for most people with a modern education to grasp or accept. At positiveastrology.com we believe that some elements of the subject can be demonstrated and this can promote interest in the other areas which take more time to understand and grasp. We devote all of our time to looking at dynamic astrology and in particular progressed synastry because we believe that it allows us to demonstrate astrology as a factual concept. The key concept that underlies our philosophy (and makes us different) is:

People change and so do horoscopes

Current Focus and Objectives

We seek to explore this concept as far as possible and, so far, the investigation of progressed and natal Venus synastry in public record relationships has yielded a mine of information so vast and fertile that it has become the central core of positiveastrology.com.

Positive astrology therefore seeks to

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Services for Astrology Professionals and Students of Astrology

We have designed the positive astrology synastry application as a resource that will enable and empower interested parties including astrological professionals and students of astrology to research our theories and to provide progressed synastry services at low cost. All our report interpretations are based upon both qualitative and quantitative research, together with traditional astrological ideas and concepts. It is our belief that astrological ideas can be developed and improved upon and that research is key to developing better quality astrology. We will work hard to develop our services and hope that you will support us in our aims by registering and using the synastry services provided.

Paul Westran