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Dynamic Astrology V

relationship webs

"I believe now that only the direct encounter with empirical data that one has personally investigated can effectively serve to overcome the extreme resistance that virtually every person educated within the modern context must initially experience towards astrology" Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

Relationship webs are like celebrity relationship trees which show which celebrities dated or married. They also reveal the relationship patterns contained in their relationships at the time they happened and allow us to demonstrate the repetitive nature of certain astrological patterns of Venus. The repetition of symbolic patterns is probably a better way to demonstrate astrology than to verbalise the concept. Human verbal language is more limiting than symbolic language. To gain an appreciation of these patterns, which are displayed in synastry matrices, you should first pay a visit to the introduction to synastry matrices page.

Introduction to Synastry Matrices
Web Tangle I Patsy Kensit
Web Tangle II Pier Angeli
Web Tangle III Merle Oberon
Web Tangle IV Grace Kelly
Web Tangle V William Holden
Web Tangle VI Roger Vadim
Web Tangle VII Brad Pitt
Web Tangle VIII Julia Roberts
Web Tangle IX Tom Cruise
Web Tangle X Elizabeth Taylor
Web Tangle XI Rod Stewart
Web Tangle XII Kenneth Branagh
Web Tangle XIII Britney Spears