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Love at First Sight

Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant

Strangely, there are few relationships which claim the phenomenon of LAFS (love at first sight) for which evidence can be given for this rare claim.

Franz Kafka was suffering from tuberculosis in July 1923 when he met Dora Diamant. She was a volunteer for the Berlin Jewish Peoples Homes Vacation Camp on the Baltic Sea at the time. He was 40, she 19. They planned almost immediately to live together in Berlin as soon as Kafka was sufficiently recovered. In September 1923 they moved together to Prague, then Berlin. In 1924 Kafka was hospitalised and was moved to a Sanatorium in Vienna. Dora accompanied him. He died there (in her arms) in June 1924.

Again, natal synastry would not give us the reason for their immediate devotion. For instance, their natal Venuses (B6 & C6) are square to one another.

...But when we add their progressed charts we can see which planets are the main players in this rare event:

Two progressed Sun progressed Venus trines intertwined and exact in 1923.

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