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Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Progressed Venus Mars trines occurs very often in relationships which do not end in marriage. In our study, it occurs twice as often as we would expect in relationships that do not end in marriage.

Paul and Linda McCartney

There are some relationships, perhaps many relationships, which do not form under the auspices of the conventional synastry patterns identified in this study.

The relationship of Paul McCartney and his wife Linda is a case in point. Of all the public record relationships, theirs could be held up as a particularly ideal and successful one. While my interest is not so much in relationship quality (that is, I'm not concerned with examining the many millions of variables and ingredients that go into making the perfect marriage), I do think it is important to show exceptions to my synastry rule and perhaps to explain in this case why this was such a special arrangement.

The chart below is a bi-wheel chart, showing Paul (in the inner wheel) and Linda's natal charts with only the Sun positions in both charts highlighted.

The Suns themselves are about 95 degrees apart. Traditionally this has not been seen as a particularly desirable angle for Suns in synastry, but this is not really important as Sun aspecting Sun is not a synastry connection.

The pertinent issue in this chart is Linda's Sun in a close conjunction with Paul's descendant. The Descendant is the setting part of the chart - opposite the Ascendant or rising degree, it is the part of the chart that symbolises one's partner. This configuration is effectively similar to a Sun Venus conjunction, but with extra icing. Sun Venus conjunctions involve a willful masculine planet (the Sun is a planet in astrology), combining with a passive, feminine principle. The Sun negotiates a deal, Venus reaches a compromise. When the Sun meets the descendant, it is more of a pre-ordained set of circumstances. Inescapable fate? Well, I don't think so, but as near to it as matters. Soul mates then? Probably twin souls of some sort.

It seems we can differentiate, in the case of Paul McCartney's two marriages, between the mystical heart-entwined beauty of Linda and Paul and the tangible physical attraction of Paul with Heather. While neither should be judged as better or worse, the more successful does not need to be pointed out. The difference between the material and the intangible was ever thus.


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