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Kate Hudson

I have looked at the synastry of a lot of celebrities over the past six years. None of them confused me more than Kate Hudson's relationship with Chris Robinson.

I have come to look for certain patterns that happen more often than others. These patterns are not only prevalent, but symbologically... (yes it really is a word and was not invented by Dan Brown)...symbologically these patterns fit the expectations of astrology.

Kate and Chris didn't appear to have these expected patterns, and while there were many comments from informed commentators (possibly Kate and Chris included) which reiterated that they were not a conventional couple, she being the daughter of Goldie Hawn and he being a Black Crowe? Does that make them unconventional? He has a beard I suppose. They're not really that unconventional in the Hollywood sense are they? Perhaps in general terms there are more conventional relationships. So, what's my point?

My point is about timing (timing is my life). Kate and Chris married in 2000. They probably met in 2000, certainly their relationship did not begin until at least May 2000 when they "clicked".

So what does their synastry look like?

Here's how I saw it when I created a matrix for their relationship.

Any reader who is familiar with my work will notice that save for the natal Sun trine, both the highlighted aspects are squares and squares tend not to be very attracting aspects. However, I was missing something.

In August 2006 Kate and Chris announced their separation. Rumours flew around about Kate having an affair with Owen Wilson, Kate's co-star in You, Me and Dupree (I try not to work with rumours, butthe separation actually did happen). So I checked to see if there was anything I had missed.

Well, I hadn't actually missed it, it was just that, I haven't been recording aspects that are over two degrees and one minute of arc, and Kate and Chris shared one of the more conventional relationship aspects in 2000, but it wasn't as close as the rules of my study dictates. It was the same one that Liz Taylor and Richard Burton shared back in the 1960s. It's a heck of a passionate aspect too.


Curiously enough if we look at what kind of a couple Kate and Owen would make, it is quite interesting. As they also have progressed Venus opposite progressed Mars... and it's pretty much exact around now. They also have the fabled natal Sun natal Venus trine.

This is far too conventional a relationship to actually happen... and Chris and Kate are back together anyway...

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