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Dynamic Analysis II

Another method is to convert ephemeris progressions into graphs. Here is Michael Jackson's progressed planetary grid. It contains clustering in 1984 - the year after Thriller became a world wide hit (it was released in late 1982). It was from this point that he was widely regarded as the most important entertainer on planet Earth (Playboy magazine described him as the Galactic Center of entertainment). We also see that progressed Mars - signifying the means by which he asserts himself is travelling forward until 2000. Mars slows down in 1999 and is moving retrograde by 2001. Shortly after this he invited Martin Bashir to interview him and since this point his importance has declined...

...If we map the motion of Michael' s progressed Mars onto a graph we find that Michael's career standing broadly follows the same path as the motion of Mars.

In contrast, in 1984, the planets Mars and Mercury with the Sun fell into place in one particular year of Michael's life. If I were to name the year that Michael Jackson was most successful, or when his star was in the ascendant (to use an astrological phrase), it would have to be 1984. It should be remembered always that this is part of a process and the two years preceding this were the point of most creative power for these astrological aspects.

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