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Dynamic Analysis I

I sometimes get asked what the best way is to do dynamic planetary analysis and I think there are a number of ways, but this is one that helps if you are interested in getting a really strong overview of a life and what roles the progressed planets play. The example used here is the British author and politician, Jeffrey Archer, who was born on April 15th 1940. Archer's life has been punctuated by ups and downs which are reflected well by progressed aspects. Some major events in his life are noted in the right hand column of the graphic (below). Progressed planetary aspects are color coded. We can see for example, that his election to the Greater London Council coincides with a progressed Sun progressed Uranus conjunction in the year 1967. There is a long-period trine aspect where two progressed planets (Uranus and Neptune) are within one degree of being 120 degrees apart from 1966 to 1998. Near the beginning of this period Archer became a Conservative MP. The period 1971 to 1975, however, involves a Jupiter Pluto square and this period coincides with Archer's first loss of a fortune, near bankruptcy and resignation as a Conservative MP. Immediately after this first fall from grace, Archer began to write and the publication of his first novel in 1976 coincides with his progressed Sun and progressed Mercury forming a conjunction for the only time in his life. In 1985, the year that his progressing Jupiter conjoined natal Saturn, he was appointed deputy chairman of the Conservative party by British PM Margaret Thatcher. From 1986 to 1987 progressed Mercury squares progressed Neptune and it was during this time that Archer sued The Daily Star newspaper for libel and won. He was created a life peer (Lord Archer) in 1992 and this was just before his progressed Venus and progressed Mars conjoined. Disaster struck for him in 1999 when allegations were made that he had committed perjury in the 1987 libel trial, he was charged in 2000, found guilty in 2001 and was incarcerated until 2003. In 1999-2000 the progressed Sun and progressed Neptune made a square aspect - the Sun symbolically casting light upon his earlier 'Mercury Neptune' lie.
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