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Grace Kelly: A Study in Progressed Synastry

The following article is an extract from Paul's forthcoming book, When Stars Collide.

In the opinion of many of her industry contemporaries and at least three royal princes , one of the most beautiful actresses to appear on the silver screen was Grace Kelly. Her wholesome image, portrayed at the behest of the all-powerful and politically swayed studio system, belied a very sexually oriented person, fond of men and eager for affairs. Grace was in love once in her young life, with a high school sweetheart, Harper Davis. They were an item in 1944 before he left for wartime service. Grace's father forced her to break it off before he embarked. When Harper returned he developed multiple sclerosis, dying young in 1953.

When asked by her fiancé Prince Rainier if she had ever been in love before she responded by telling him: 'Yes. I was in love with Harper Davis. He died.'

She allegedly lost her virginity to a friend's husband. The story goes she was visiting a friend who wasn't home. She was made welcome by the friend's husband and they decided to sleep together. This was before she enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in October 1947. She claimed later to have engineered the liaison, not wishing to arrive at college inexperienced in the ways of love. Later when her prospective marriage to Prince Ranier required her to be virgo intacta she was examined by the Royal Monegasque surgeon and allegedly claimed her hymen had been broken while playing hockey at school.

Grace Kelly and Alexander D'Arcy

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Alexander D'Arcy.

A month long fling with an established actor who was over twenty years older than her was one of the first of Grace Kelly's affairs. He was quite the gentleman and only touched her knee in the taxi they were sharing after a night out when she launched herself at him taking him by surprise.

Their astrology is the usual sexual progression of his progressing Venus (C6) in a 120 degree trine aspect with her progressing Mars (D7). Grace's progressed Sun (D3) is also in trine to D'Arcy's progressing Venus (C6). These aspects are transient and the fact that they are present in so many relationships suggests that they constitute the significant astrological factor in their one month fling in 1948.

Grace Kelly and Don Richardson

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Don Richardson.

In 1948 Grace started an affair with one of her tutors at the Academy. Don Richardson was eleven years her senior. He had rescued her from the class bully then taken her out for tea to comfort her without first checking in his wallet. He realised he did not have enough cash so they dropped by his flat. He got the fire going and went to make coffee. On his return he found Grace in bed waiting for him. Richardson was stunned. He describes Kelly's body as 'stunning'; 'like something sculptured by Rodin'.

There was no introduction, no flirtation, no prelude, nothing. Grace went straight to the main event. Kelly and Richardson continued to see each other for a number of years until Richardson recognised a bracelet that Prince Aly Khan presented to those women who had shared his bed. (He would give a cigarette case with a single emerald to those he had dinner with.)

He dropped the jewellery into Grace's fish tank and left.

Grace Kelly and Prince Aly Khan

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Prince Aly Khan.

Grace is said to have turned down a marriage proposal from this prince. She did however receive a bracelet from him. This is enough to convince some of their intimate relationship. The Prince's progressing Sun (C3) is in exact square to Grace's natal Venus (B6). His progressing Sun (C3) is three and a half degrees from an exact trine with Grace's progressing Venus (D6) which, because of the motion of these two planets in the progressed chart, would not become to exact until the 1960's after the prince died in a car crash.

Grace Kelly and Gene Lyons

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Gene Lyons.

The summer of 1951 saw Grace falling in love with Gene Lyons, again an older, theatrical type. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Lyons was a shy introverted individual when not on stage, sensitive, and passionate about acting and Grace saw in him someone with whom she could identify and with whom she wanted to both love and work with.

Gene Lyons stimulated Grace Kelly in that he again took on the role of her mentor that Richardson had filled, inspiring her and making her want to achieve success and fame with him.

They made a TV drama together, The Rich Boy, the story of a woman who leaves her lover dues to his drinking. This reflected the fate of their relationship. The sensitive Lyons took to the bottle, and this caused their relationship to draw to a premature conclusion.

Grace Kelly's own capacity to love was very great. She has a perfect trine aspect between the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Pisces which gives tremendous potential for good relations with the opposite sex. She has Venus - planet of love - in its own sign Libra; this is an excellent position for beauty and for actively enjoying romance. Mars, planet of sex is also in its own sign Scorpio ensuring an appetite for physical love. Grace Kelly was capable as a lover and enjoyed love and sex.

Their mutual Synastry is underlined by the intensely romantic window created by her progressing Venus in trine to his natal Mars (D6 - E7) during 1951 -1952. Their natal Mars' (B7 - E7) are also in a harmonious trine, suggesting that they would have a very complimentary working relationship.

Their relationship continued into mid-1952. James Spada remarks that she realised his problems were so deep-seated, she would never be able to 'reform' him . So although they remained an 'item', their days together were numbered simply because the very selective and ambitious Grace no longer thought of him as a potential marriage partner.

I feel their Sun - Sun aspects are also of paramount importance to the development of this relationship. Between 1949 and 1951 Gene Lyons' progressing Sun (C3) was making a transient trine aspect to Grace's natal Sun (B3). As we have noted, Sun aspects in Synastry denote how in-tune the life-paths or 'karmic agenda' of the individuals are. This is usually not an issue, as people can quite easily spend their lives in parallel with their partners (if their personality allows it) issues only arise when the life-paths are at a tangent to each other and when the parties involved are both fixed and purposeful. Often issues can arise when the harmonious transient progressions present at the beginning of the relationship, recede like clouds across the moon. This is the case with Grace Kelly and Gene Lyons.

As is often the case with the natal or progressed Sun square, the two parties actually have different life-agendas that can be hidden or overlooked during the period of courting which is so often ruled by the sex planets Mars and Venus, but it is very difficult to maintain a relationship, regardless of their ability to work together, where the two parties have diverging agendas. By 1952, Lyon's progressing Sun has moved out of orb with Grace's natal Sun and the salient differences in the approach a Sun Scorpio and a Sun Aquarius with an exact square between their natal Suns take in following their dreams are exposed.

Grace Kelly and Gary Cooper

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Alexander D'Arcy.

Grace's first big screen role was in he classic High Noon with Gary Cooper. Although much older than her, he had always had the reputation of a stud. In fact, silent screen siren Clara Bow had given him the nickname Studs in the 1920's.

In 1951 Cooper's progressing Venus was arriving in trine to Grace Kelly's natal Sun. Cooper was infatuated by Grace and she was in awe of him. This window of opportunity was only exact in 1951. Their affair was short lived, beginning some time after August 28th when filming began and confined to a few months in late 1951.

Grace Kelly and Clark Gable

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Alexander D'Arcy.

I get the impression from reading between the lines about this relationship, which incidentally started in Africa where these two were filming Mogambo that Gable was quite happy to sleep with Kelly and she in turn was in awe of him, but that was it.

Gable did not want a relationship with Kelly and he went out of his way to avoid her after they parted, but while they were in Africa, Grace was the only white woman for hundreds of miles not married to Frank Sinatra (Ava Gardner was there too) and so they began sleeping together.

Their astrology for 1953 is actually quite good. Their window of opportunity is caused by Gable's progressing Venus (C6) in applying trine to Grace's natal Mars. Effectively this is a temporary love and sex aspect. We saw this planetary relationship between Kelly and Lyons. As with all progressed to natal aspects it provides a chance for two people to encounter each other, what they do after the aspect has reached climax is their choice, often they move on. This couple were never going to do anything else, although there is speculation that they talked of marriage, but decided that their age difference was insurmountable.

Grace Kelly and Jean-Pierre Aumont

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Jean-Pierre Aumont.

After a formal start while filming a TV drama in which Grace insisted on calling him Mr Aumont, recently widowed French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont became Grace's lover. She showed him the sights of New York and he fell in love with her.

'I loved her because she was so lovely', was Aumont's simple summation of her allure.

Aumont was spotted kissing Grace at the 1955 Cannes film festival, so their relationship was quite friendly even two years later.

Their mutual astrology is typical. Aumont's progressing Sun (C3) is applying to trine Grace's natal Venus (B6) from 1953 (just out of 2 degree orb). They also share a progressed Mars (D7) natal Mars (E7) conjunction which has just passed climax. Progressed Sun natal Venus trine aspects are common in affairs of the heart; they present a window of opportunity that lasts about three years.

Grace Kelly and Ray Milland

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Ray Milland.

When Hollywood Confidential found out about Grace Kelly and Ray Milland it presented Milland with some problems. They were filming Dial M for Murder and, although Milland's thirty year marriage had weathered one or two storms in the past, it had never had to do so in public. He split with his wife after she found out he was not really going on a business trip, but was in fact seen boarding a plane with Grace Kelly. He fell hopelessly in love with Grace and would have left his wife for her but for the fact that everything he owned was in his wife's name and so he begrudgingly went back home.

Again - as in the case of Aumont & Kelly - the significant astrological factor is his progressed Sun (C3) is in trine to her natal Venus (B6). The window of opportunity is close to being shut in 1954 as his progressing Sun has already moved past exact aspect with her Venus, but nevertheless the effect of the aspect would still be relevant and powerful, especially to someone approaching fifty, married thirty years and faced with a beauty such as Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly and Oleg Cassini

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Oleg Cassini.

Grace was with Jean-Pierre Aumont, trying to get over the loss of Ray Milland when she met Oleg Cassini. Cassini had recently seen Grace Kelly in the film Mogambo and was already besotted when he spied her in a restaurant in New York. She was with Aumont whom Oleg Cassini already knew (they had competed for the love of Gene Tierney in the past). Cassini was something of a Casanova, an 'accomplished seducer' he set his sights on winning Grace's heart and did so in typical fashion. 'It was to be the greatest, most exhilarating campaign of my life.' He remarked later.

Cassini set about developing a plan of seduction which involved sending a dozen red roses to Grace's home for ten days, he did not sign the card, instead he wrote 'from the friendly florist' on the tenth day he called her saying he was the friendly florist. He got her laughing and got her to join him on a date (she was chaperoned by her sister on this occasion).

She told Cassini she was in love with Ray Milland. The silver-tongued and confident Aries told her it was not a problem and that she would be engaged to him within a year.

Grace left for LA the next day, but Oleg made sure he was seen by gossip columnists in the company of beauties such as Pier Angeli and

Anita Ekberg in order that he would be seen and read about by Grace in their columns.

They eventually met up again on the French Riviera where they spent an evening together in what Cassini describes as a 'distressingly platonic' situation. He poured out his heart to Grace, declared the essence of his inner desires and that was it, his persistence paid off.

Oleg Cassini's biggest obstacle to life-long happiness with Grace Kelly was his past (he had been married before and linked with many beautiful women) which caused a problem for Grace's mother who considered Oleg a bad risk for a husband. Her father, who was an old-fashioned racist, considered Cassini to be too much of a foreigner.

Their mutual astrology is governed by a progressed Venus (D6) progressed Sun (C3) opposition. The opposition as we have seen causes great attraction, but, unlike the trine aspect does not make for smooth relations. Often with an opposition something gets in the way of the relationship, in this case it is Grace's parents. This effect is distinct from life circumstances getting in the way of romance. Circumstances such as poverty, fame or motherhood that require compromise for the couple to be together appear to be caused by progressed Sun being square to progressed Sun.

Grace Kelly and William Holden

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and William Holden.

Grace met William Holden when they made The Bridges of Toko Ri together in 1955. They had 'quite a fling' and a friend of Holden's remarked that he was crazy about her.

As in the case of Grace and Oleg Cassini, Kelly and Holden share a progressing Venus (D6) - progressing Sun (C3) opposition. What is slightly different, is that they also share this aspect natally (E3 - B6) - they were born with this aspect and it remains for life. It is an aspect of intense attraction and is present in a number of long-lasting relationships. The progression is also a long-lived aspect and so this is less of a window of opportunity and more of a liaison waiting to happen.

Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby.

In 1955 Grace starred with Bing Crosby and William Holden in The Country Girl. Although she had been involved with Crosby before his wife Dixie died in 1952 he was unaware she had also been involved with Holden.

Grace and Bing Crosby's planetary progressions for 1952 include a progressed Sun (D3) - progressed Venus (C6) trine. Progressed Venus (C6) is in turn in trine with progressing Mars (D7).

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby.

By 1955 which is the year that Crosby proposed to Grace, the Venus Mars trine has separated completely and progressing Venus (C6) is slowly separating from trine with progressed Sun (D3), each year they become more distant.

Crosby is said to have been distraught that Grace turned him down. Privately he carried a torch for Grace Kelly for the rest of his life despite marrying again. Incidentally when he did marry again in 1957 he chose someone whose progressed Venus was in exact trine aspect to his progressed Mars that year.

Grace Kelly and David Niven

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and David Niven.

At first glance there doesn't appear to be the same kind of exact connection that Grace Kelly has so far in this case study delivered, but if this brief and discrete affair ever really happened it was never in the public eye and could have lasted a very short time. Apocryphal rumour has it that Prince Rainier asked Niven which of the women he had bedded was the best conquest. Niven is said to have replied 'Grace, er, Gracie Fields'.

There is nothing exact for 1955, but Niven's natal Venus (E6) is exactly square Grace's natal Mars (B7), the square often implies some obstacle (he was married). Also, Niven's progressing Sun (C3) is a degree away from being counted as opposite her natal Venus (B6), in fact if Niven was born late at night his progressed Sun position in 1955 could potentially be as far as 25 degrees into Aries and so would be very much closer to opposition with Grace's natal Venus. Not quite in orb, but applying and therefore strong.

Whether this legendary dalliance ever took place is not altogether clear, I would prefer to regard this relationship as a close friendship that is included here without prejudice.

Grace Kelly and HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier.

Hidden in this couple's planetary positions is a dissociate Mars-Venus trine, within the 2 degree orb, this may give some insight into the nature of dissociate trines. Something other than love brought them together and something other than love kept them together. For someone who chose her partners with such an eye for an astrological match, albeit unknowingly, Grace Kelly must have felt difficult when she woke up to realise what she was about to do. She told Oleg Cassini: 'I will learn to love him.'

As you would expect from a couple who do not marry for love, they drifted apart, they stopped sharing the same bed then they moved into separate bedrooms. Later Grace spent most of her time in Paris while Rainier lived in Monte Carlo.

Jane Ellen Wayne writing in The Golden Girls of MGM states that in 1953 Aristotle Onassis had invested heavily in Monte Carlo and later spoke to Gardner Cowles, the publisher of Look magazine, about the sagging economy of Monaco and how they might lure the American dollar there. One solution writes Wayne was to marry Prince Rainier off to a beautiful movie star; the first one that came to mind was Marilyn Monroe. Cowles offered to arrange a meeting with Norma Jean, who was only too happy to help, but by then Rainier was engaged to Grace Kelly.

This story paints a none-too-romantic picture of the machinations of state that led Grace Kelly to Monaco's Cathedral of St Nicholas on 18th April 1956. Her hit-rate among her leading men had been in the high 90% region, but each one was an encounter based on her preference: she was attracted to them. Her Royal Prince brought different qualities to her life; he fitted her father's ambitions for a socially acceptable marriage for his daughter, and as such the conventional astrological patterns are almost undetectable in their natal or progressed planetary positions for 1956 (even their Moons are square one another). Any aspects that have formed in the past (for example Rainier's progressing Mars has just passed the 2 degree separation mark from trine with natal Grace's Sun and would have been exact in 1953) are out of range and the next significant aspect between the two occurs in 1961 when Grace's Venus opposes Rainier's Sun. This can often mean attraction and can kick-start a new relationship. By 1961 this relationship would be five years old and this opposition is more likely to signify a couple at loggerheads over an issue of some sort.

Grace Kelly and Cary Grant

Click to enlarge: Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.

Unlike all her other leading men, according to Nigel Cawthorne's Sex Lives of the Hollywood Goddesses, Grace Kelly was actually a Royal Princess when she had a six year affair with Cary Grant, her co-star in To Catch a Thief. Their astro-sexual compatibility is assured by a close and powerful natal Venus (B6) natal Mars (E7) trine aspect. This appears to be one of the most powerful harmonious aspects for love and sex. Whether this relationship ever happened is disputable and, like the speculative relationship with Niven, this relationship is not included in the Progressed Synastry Data spreadsheet.

It should be noted that Cary Grant is quoted as saying:

'Grace and I were never romantically inclined in any possible way.'

But then he would say that and, what's more, he said it in the 1950's before their alleged affair and before she married Ranier and in response to rumours that were circulating because according to James Spada: 'so potent was the charge between the two stars'.

HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco and Gisele Pascal

Click to enlarge: Prince Rainier and Gisele Pascal.

Before he met Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier was involved for six years with a French actress called Gisele Pascal. It was expected that any prospective bride of Rainier's would undergo a maternity test owing to the agreement that if Monaco was ever to be without a male heir, it would revert to French rule. Gisele Pascal underwent such a test and failed. This meant that Rainier had to break off their relationship. It is suggested that the prince's spiritual advisor, Father Francis Tucker, did not approve of Gisele. When he finished their relationship, the Prince said to Father Tucker, 'If you ever hear that my subjects think I do not love them, tell them what I have done today'.

Astrologically he gave up a good deal. Gisele and Rainier shared a natal Venus (B6) natal Mars (E7) trine, which is the same aspect that he shared with Grace, though it was not dissociate in his relationship with Gisele.

Gisele later married and bore a child, provoking the rumour that the results of her maternity test were falsified.