Demonstrating Squares in Action

Squares are evident in two ways in progressed synastry - first they prevent relationships from properly forming by keeping people apart and secondly they arrive in established relationships and drive couples apart. This article examines both phenomena by looking at romances which failed and were then rekindled and by looking at relationships which failed.

Two Synastries.
In astrology we have two types of synastry - or relationship astrology - one is where we try to make an assessment based on fixed or static factors these are termed natal and composite planets, this method gives the analyst some information about general compatibility, but deals with quite weak effects. Human experience tells us that people and relationships change over time, so analysis of compatibility from fixed and static reference points is unrealistic, at best we can say that - for example - a traditionally good aspect for simpatico like a close natal Sun natal Venus trine, is good in a relationship but it is no silver bullet and will not cure all the ills of a marriage. The second method is termed progressed (or dynamic) synastry where we assess the progressed planets as agents of change in both personal psychology and therefore relationships. This approach is both sensible because we know that people and relationships do not remain in stasis and also we can provide scientifically falsifiable and verifiable evidence that this type of astrology really works.
A close applying progressed Venus progressed Venus trine will, in a new relationship, pretty much blast everything else out of consideration. Progressed Venus synastry is the most powerful and noticeable type of synastry and therefore has more of an effect on everyone's relationships and following from this on everyone's lives. It doesn't determine the full spectrum of compatibility, but because modern relationships are conventionally founded upon attraction and choice, it holds significant sway and carries weight that other astrological conditions do not match.

Re-kindled Romances - A Phenomenon of 21st Century Social Media

This subject is quite a lot more pertinent today than it was five years ago, and certainly more than it was a decade ago and the reason is simply that people began to reconnect via social media in large numbers from about 2007. Now it’s easy to get in touch with former partners and in many cases old relationships have re-formed which in many cases work out much more positively than the same coupling at an earlier time. A number of factors assist mature people to have good relationships, but with old flames it’s often all about revisiting one's youth, healing old wounds and approaching relationships with much greater maturity, clarity and information. In astrological terms however, there are things to look for which will enable a greater understanding of why and how relationships can fail at one point in time then work in another. In many cases a wide gap between the ending of the relationship and its rekindling means that totally new set of astrological factors can be in place. Here are some case studies.

Tommy and Krista
Krista began a relationship with Tommy in Seattle, WA in Mid 1983 when both were still in High School, the relationship was good for two years then cracks started to appear and their intimate relationship ended in Jan 1986 for 11 months. The pair remained close friends and the intimacy began again in December 1986 and continued until it was ended by Krista in June 1988.

Through social media Tommy, now resident in California, and Krista got back in touch in 2010 and a relationship re-formed.

Example 1a Tommy and Krista 1978 to 2018 -three blocking squares occur in succession in this relationship, one prior to the relationship, a second during the 1986 break up and a third during the 1988 break up which is exact at Krista's marriage. The natal planets of this couple have a high degree of commonality so there is reason to believe that they are naturally similar individuals. Their relationship formed and thrived between the squares and when these formed they were blocked by circumstance. The compatible phases in the relationship were 1983 to 1985 and 1986 to 1988 which are the points between the squares in the collision graph below.

Example 1b Tommy and Krista rekindled - a Venus Venus trine forms in 2009 and fades in 2011, but it is followed by a long-period Sun Venus trine. What we would expect in this scenario is an intensely romantic period followed by a more practical but equally synoptic stage.

Rory and Toni
In 1986 Rory and Toni began a relationship while still at school. This relationship fizzled in 1989

Example 2a Rory and Toni A Venus Venus opposition (grey line) caused attraction but a Venus Mars square (solid red line) blocked the relationship in the 1980s. A p Venus p Mars trine (dotted red line) one of the most attracting dynamic aspects enables the rekindling of this romance which began with a phone call in 2006 by Rory from Brisbane to Toni's family in Perth.

Example 2b Rory and Helen A Sun Venus 72 degree quintile takes the role usually carried by the trine, conjunction or opposition in 1993. But two Sun Venus squares between 2004 and 2009 split the marriage.

Example 3: John and Eva met in 1983 split in 1985 and recontacted each other via Facebook in August 2010

The green dotted line is what brought the couple together intimately (passionately actually) which was applying 1983 to 1985. The long pale blue line is a progressed Venus Venus square which split them up. It became irrelevant in the early 2000s, and is safely clear now.

The orange line is a passionate aspect that came in to orb in 2010.

These examples show us what are essentially blocking and blending aspects. The trines and conjunctions and in one case we can assume a quintile were the blending aspects, but the squares and oppositions were the blockers - they pull relationships apart and are difficult to resist if we look at a very famous example of this phenomenon we can see precisely how as archetypes the blocker and the blender aspects work:


A Rekindled Romance

Example 4: Charles and Camilla
This is the example that gave us the clue that the Square really is is repelling and the trine is attracting being a rare historical example of the rekindled romance which happened according to sources around 1986.

Squares ending Relationships

Example 5: Charles and Diana
Here the trine helps the relationship form in 1981 and the square smashes the relationship circa 1986. The marriage itself officially ended in 1996 in line with the Sun Venus aspect.

Example 6 Geldof and Yates
Here the trine helps the relationship form circa 1977 and the square smashes the relationship between 1993 and 1995. Yates’ affair with Michael Hutchence began in 1993 and was revealed in 1995.

Example 7 Burton and Taylor
The opposition helps the relationship form in 1962 and the square smashes the relationship between 1971 and 1976. They tried to rekindle their relationship in 1975 but it failed within a year.

Example 8 McCartney and Mills
The trine facilitates the relationship in 2000 and the square smashes the relationship in 2006

Example 9 Katy Perry and Russell Brand

It all looked very good for Katy and Russell in 2009, but the two important trines that dominated have been replaced in 2012 by two divisive squares. All is not lost, Pink (Alecia Moore) and her husband Carey Hart managed to get back together after an interruption from a square (See the blog page for more information). (This seems unlikely in the short term, however as Perry and Brand are not clear of Venus squares until 2025.)

The graph above shows the easy aspects in this relationship and when they form. The graph below includes the difficult aspects as well.


Example 10 Katherine Jenkins and Gethin Jones

I’ve added this relationship to this article to demonstrate the nature of oppositions which can act like both trines and squares. A Venus opposition at the outset of a relationship is intense and passionate, an opposition of Venus with Mars during a relationship can have the opposite effect, but here in a similar scenario to Perry and Brand, UK celebrities Katherine Jenkins and Gethin Jones experience a similar complex of aspects. They got together in 2007 under a trine and split at Christmas 2011 under a long lasting opposition.

The graph above includes the easy trines, the graph below just the oppositions. Remember, the most intense period is in the two degrees below the blue line before the aspect becomes exact.

Relationships form inevitably under different astrological conditions, but certain astrological conditions prevail at the beginning of relationships more often than others. We can thus conclude that they correlate with conditions of consciousness that equal compatibility in intimacy. Furthermore, certain conditions prevail when relationships end and so we can conclude that these conditions correlate with conditions of consciousness that relate to what we conventionally consider to be incompatibility. All of these conditions relate to Venus progressions.

PW 1st Jan 2012

Data available on request.