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Dynamic Astrology IV

planets in collision - demonstrating dynamic astrology: further information and data


There is more than one way to calculate the progression of an aspect and the positiveastrology synastry application uses a more accurate algorithm to calculate the curve of the progressed aspect. This method averages the aspect distance month by month; the previous method was to calculate the aspect difference as a yearly average. The collision graphs below were calculated using the positiveastrology synastry application.

Bob and Paula

For Bob and Paula, using the synastry application collision graph software, the result is as follows:

This calculation creates the same shaped curve, but places it nearer to being exact in 1986. It is half a degree from exact in 1977 and half a degree again in 1995, but possibly less than a quarter of a degree at its closest point in 1986. The angle is still reflexive upon this point - the time of their marriage in 1986.

Paula and Michael

As such, we can gain greater accuracy with Yates and Hutchence collision graph:

Highlighted here are the dates that the progressing Sun Venus trine came within the two degree barrier (1991) and the start date of Paula and Michael's relationship (1993). The next vertical line is the point when the reflex of the angle reached the same point as it was when their relationship began (October 2001), the final vertical line is the point when the angle separated beyond two degrees.

Charles and Diana

For Charles and Diana, the story is much more complex than a single aspect. In fact there is a series of at least five significant aspects which occurred in a series that closely mirrors events and times in their relationship.

1. A natal Venus progressed Venus trine, which delivers an easy relationship between the planet of romance. This happens between Charles fixed and static natal Venus and Diana's dynamic and changing progressing Venus. This aspect delivers the ingredients for a fairytale romance. The only problem is it has a fiinite lifespan and this graph shows how long that lifespan lasted:

It's important to remember that the most intense point of this progressed trine is the point just before it becomes exact.

2. The progressed Sun progressed Venus trine occurs between Charles' Venus and Diana's Sun.

When we calculate this aspect with improved accuracy, we can see it is exact in early 1989. It comes into the two degree orb in 1981, reflexing in 1989 and falling outside two degrees in 1996. Again, this demarcates the period of their marriage which lasted from 1981 to 1996.

3. A progressed Venus natal Mars square between Charles progressing Venus and Diana's natal Mars. Venus here signifies Charles changing relationship ideas and Diana's methods and physical expression of love.

As the graph shows, the beginning of this aspect coincides with the ending of the fairytale Venus trine. Here the graph shows only trines and squares. The period from March 1984 and mid 1987 was the period of activity of this aspect.

4. Progressed Venus opposition Natal Mars happens between Diana's progressing Venus and Charles' natal Mars. Here Diana's relationship ideas oppose Charles' desires and methods.

This aspect roughly covers the same time period of the previous square aspect between Charles' Venus and Diana's Mars. This aspect in isolation and under different circumstances (especially at the outset of a relationship) may have a different effect, perhaps one of attraction. In this scenario, it activates the differences in the people involved.

5. A final trine between Charles' progressing Mars and Diana's natal Venus creates some co-operation and agreement between the two parties and they separate when it becomes exact in 1992.

Charles and Camilla

Charles and Camilla's collision graph pans out in much the same pattern as the previously calculated

Here we can see that Charles and Camilla's progressed Sun progressed Venus square was exact at about the time Charles married Diana. From what we know of Sun Venus squares, they appear to - broadly speaking - keep people apart while trines do the opposite, they bring people together. While in principle this may be an oversimplification of the role of these two types of aspect, especially as it may be a side-effect of the nature of these two aspects, it seems to be played out with some accuracy in this example.

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According to Paula's mother this data is incorrect. On pages 98 and 99 of her book Big Girls Don't Cry, she refers to the event:" Paula arrived at twenty minutes after midnight on 24th April 1959. I had started labour at seven the previous evening and not liking too much the backache and nausea had decided to put mind over matter and sleep. I woke at midnight with the peculiar feeling of wanting to push".

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